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Brian Garner came to Bethany in the summer of 2017. He has been active in ministry for over 25 years, serving in the Evangelical Congregational Church, leading a missional house church, and serving as the Professor of Missiology at Biblical Life Institute in Freeport, Pennsylvania.

He is pictured here with his "Cymbrogi," the members of the Doctor of Missiology cohort 26 at Fuller Theological Seminary. Yes, he is still working on finishing the dissertation. When it is finally approved, we will definitely celebrate! Brian is working on the "impact of situated rationality theory on mutually transforming relationships for engaging homelessness." 

Brian is the husband of Christine, the father of five boys, grandfather to five, and guardian of two cats that he is still trying to decide how he feels about.

In addition to pastoring, Brian tries to keep his head above water as a substitute teacher. His wife also works in education. He has written two non-fiction books under his own name: "Building the Carpenter's House" and "Talking with the Father." He has also written four allegorical fiction books under a pseudonym that you might be able to coax him into sharing if you ply him with strong coffee.

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